Madero facial therapy

Neck treatment is applied to reduce small wrinkles on the neck and saves us from ugly chin. During décolleté madero therapy, all toxins are expelled to the surface, so the skin becomes soft and gentle to the touch. Massage increases the flow of oxygen through the skin, which is a necessary food for our cells. As a result, fine wrinkles tighten. and the cheekbones and lower jaw are finely shaped. One of the amazing effects of this treatment is the elimination of the chin in a completely natural way. It is a very good treatment for eliminating bloating, excess water from the body, especially in the area around the eyes. Eyelids with which we often wake up in the morning, regardless of whether we are tired or not, are often the result of the accumulation of water and toxins, and this type of massage encourages the removal of that sagging facial appearance. 

massage and beauty

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