Sports Massage

This massage is recommended for athletes as well as recreationists. There are several types of sports massages. Massage that is performed after training or long-term hard work of the muscles prevents the formation of lactic acid, or removes it if it has accumulated. Accumulated lactic acid is converted into calcifications, which can cause muscle tension and even pain. There are also sports massages whose role is to repair the most common sports injuries (throwing elbow, tennis elbow, swimming shoulder, jumping knee, etc.). This massage is also recommended when the injury did not occur, but the muscle is tired, so the massage should relax and relieve it. Sports massages are often performed to prepare athletes for competitions, matches, etc. This massage relaxes the peripheral nervous system and prepares the body for new efforts. Sports massages improve the blood supply to the muscles, so he is more ready for the effort that follows. If you are a recreational athlete, sports massage will be very pleasant for you, because the accumulation of lactic acid is more common among recreational athletes, which, if not treated in time, begins to be a serious problem and often a painful condition.


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